Margaret Island

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This park-covered Danube island, which was artificially created by connecting three smaller islands, is larger than the city center and is also called the lungs of Budapest.

Like the Margaret Bridge leading to the island, St Margaret from the house of Árpád, the daughter of Béla VI. is the island’s namesake. According to a vow made during the invasion of the Mongols, her father established a Dominican convent on the island, where she was sent. The ruins of the convent and the chapel built in the memory of St. Margaret can be seen on the upper third of the island.



At the Margaret Bridge entrance to the island stands the Centenarium monument, erected to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the unification of Pest, Buda and Óbuda.

Swimming Pools and other sport facilities line the left side of the island, and a youth hotel, restaurant, casino, and leisure center are situated on the right side. This is also where ships tie up.


At the center of the island one finds the most beautiful flower garden of Budapest, the so-called rose garden. Thousands of distinctive flowers bloom here from early spring to late autumn, a real show of color contrasting the surrounding green. A beautiful view of the rose garden and the island can be enjoyed from the top of the water tower, which is a protected artistic monument.

Restaurants, cafes, and confectioneries await guests further up, at the head of the island in the two hotels, the Grand Hotel and the Hotel Thermal Margaret Island.

Also at the head of the island is a rock garden, which draws innumerable visitors with its small streams, a goldfish pond, and hundreds of varieties of plants. Sitting on the benches one can hear the hourly chimes of the Music Fountain.

The fountains, the pools, the bushes, the huge trees and the romantic convent ruins conjure up the irresistible mood of the island.

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